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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  March 15, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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they were confronted and the police caught up to this person. and there are several crime scenes along the way. brian flores is on the scene gathering more information. let's go to some of the pictures. 280 northbound that traffic looks good. southbound 680 also moving along very well. now let's go back to dave and pam at the desk. as sal mentioned we will continue on that breaking news in san francisco. take you live to the scene right now. we understand an officer involved shooting tied to a stolen taxi cab and our news crew again on the way to the scene. also a missing man in santa cruz county how an injury is complicating the search. outside our doors this morning an hour and 20 minutes until the official start of sunrise. lucky charms?! ♪ yer always after me lucky charms! whoa. i forgot how good these taste!
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good morning. we are live in san francisco where there has been reports of an officer involved shooting involving a stolen cab. we'll bring you the very latest just seconds away. a scotts valley man who fell 50-60 feet and has a bad head injury is now missing. you'll hear the message he posted before he disappeared and we'll tell you about the search. controversy tied to
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tragedy. the army's response to the former soldier accused of killing two police officers. we're live in oakland where hundreds of waste management employees have walked off the job. we'll tell you what is going on here and how it may effect your garbage and recycling services. when morning news continues. good morning, to you. welcome to a brand new day it's friday, march 15th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. rosemary orozco is in for steve today with the weather. how does it look? >> we are looking pretty nice. our unseasonably warm, warm weather will take a hit. but we will be above average by the time we slide into your weekend. we are waking up with patchy fog. low and high clouds. patchy fog low but not thick. into the afternoon i do see a minor temperature drop and a cooling trend for your weekend.
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farther out i see rain. good morning, sal. we are looking at highway 24. it looks pretty good there. between walnut creek and oakland it should be a decent drive. also the morning commute it looks pretty good if you are driving on 580 now. this is a big rig that caught fire earlier. you see some of thely tar dent they -- it started with a brake fire. the lanes were blocked for awhile. this is new video coming in. it's on the shoulder now. the lanes are open but we just found out that they may need to take up the right lane again a little bit later on. the good news is westbound 580 traffic not effected by this traffic. let's go back to the desk. thank you. we're following breaking news from san francisco. that officer involved shooting tied to a stolen taxi cab. brian flores is there in fort mason. you just got new video, brian. >> reporter: good morning, dave. we're in the fort mason area.
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as you can see behind me still a very active scene. it's been that way for at least 30 minutes. there are cop cars in this area. this is the area where we believe the stolen cab is located. we still haven't seen it yet. this is the last location of where the stolen cab is and what we believe were the suspect was arrested. here's details of what we know this morning. from what we understand, the suspect vandalized a taxi cab. somewhere in the area of jackson and buchanon. the driver of that taxi cab got out and confronted the suspect. when he did so the suspect entered the taxi cab and stole and drove away with it. officers were able to locate that taxi cab in a patrol car around jackson and spruce but that taxi cab actually rammed into the patrol car and from what we understand there are shots fired in the area of jackson and spruce. the taxi cab was able to escape and was able to make it here to
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fort mason. from what we understand the suspect was taken into custody a short time later. a short time later this morning as well. back out here live again still a very active scene here in the fort mason area. again the suspect was taken into custody. from what we understand there is a police officer headed to the area of jackson and spruce. they may have quarantined off a three block area to take care of this possible shooting that may have happened out over in that area. but we'll have more details as the morning news continue temperature live in fort mason i'm brian flores. in just a few hours the search for a missing scotts valley man will continue. ktvu channel 2 reporter janine de la vega is live with more on the head injury that happened just days before that has investigators so concerned and what he may have been out looking for. janine. >> reporter: pam, search and rescue crews will be here in
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two hours. they are meeting here at the scotts valley fire department. they already have their search and rescue truck out of here. they will come up with a plan of specific areas. when searching for 20-year-old matt abraham. here's a video that abraham posted on video. showing his swollen face from injuries that he received in an accident. he says he fell 50-60 feet off a test l into the sand and suffered a head injury. his family thinks he walked away from his scotts valley home and may be disoriented. >> i'm starting to recover slowly. i'm starting to come back home as you can see. i managed to break anything
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besides my brain right here. >> reporter: the santa cruz sheriffs department searched yesterday in scotts valley and in the park past midnight. abraham was fixuated on finding a backpack he left behind. he also expressed wanting to return to the park to figure out how his accident happened. abraham is six feet tall 150 pounds and has blond hair and hazel eyes. search crews will begin searching at about 8:00 a.m.. they will start here at the scotts valley fire department. and coming up at 6:40 you'll hear more from abraham and he describes what he's feeling. it's pretty interesting. you can tell he has some sort of head trauma going on in the video and you will hear that at 6:40. reporting live janine de la vega. also this morning ktvu news learned concord police are investigating reports of a dog shot with a bb gun. it happened just before 7:00 last night at a home on bailey
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road. a teenager was seen shooting geese at new hall park the same evening and this comes after a bus window was shot out on wednesday night by an unknown object. police are investigating whether these incidents are related. sanitation workers just went on strike. lorraine blanco just arrived at a waste management facility in oakland and i understand hundreds of workers are walking the picket line. >> reporter: the protestors have been out here since 3:00 a.m. this morning. you can see they have quite a turnout here at the 98th avenue location in oakland. hundreds of union workers from the international long shore and warehouse union. they want better wages and safer work conditions. we just talked with one man who worked for waste management for 23 years. he tells us it's not easy to give up a whole days wages but
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he says this is an important fight. >> it's a struggle for them. this job is dangerous. you have to be very careful not to get hurt. it's a struggle but they are fed up. we're just fed up and we're going to continue to do this until they finally respect us. >> reporter: waste management employees are protesting at three locations today. this is a look at the san leandro facility on davis street. union workers are also protesting at the altamont landfill east of livermore. we just talked with a spokesperson from waste management he told us he was very surprised yesterday when we heard they were going on the strike. he says there has been no harassment or intimidation of workers and he says there is a federal mediator involved and they hope they can come to some sort of agreement very soon. you can expect a little delay in services today, but services will go on. reporting live in oakland lorraine blanco. new details about the former soldier accused of
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killing two police officers last month. an army spokesman says there was not enough evidence to formerly charge jeremy goulet with rape allegations dating back to 2006. officials say dna taken from rape kits did not tie goulet to the crime. former defense secretary panetta and the military are wondering why they let goulet leave the army instead of face rape charges. a bill in the senate can drastically limit the number of immigration visas. the bill would make it harder for relatives ofs is to come -- of american citizens to come here and make it easier for high skilled workers. time now 6:09. let's get everybody out the door. sal, when you walked into the traffic empire you were going in a different direction. hopefully things have calmed
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down. >> yeah. we started at 4:30 and here we are at 6:09. this is the first time i can say you're okay. we are taking a little bit of a break here with traffic eastbound and westbound on 101 looking good. the traffic at the toll plaza isn't that bad. it's backed up for a little bit. the metering lights should be on pretty soon. it seems like things are calming down. also we are looking at the south bay. the traffic there looks good. there is a new report in milpitas of a crash northbound 680 let me pull this up here. it's not causing a big delay just yet. let's go to rosemary. good morning, to you. off to a cooler start. santa rosa checking in 41. 44 in napa. 48 concord. 40 to low 50s around the bay. 50 in oakland. 49 san francisco. we do have a weak on shore breeze. seeing a little bit of fog out there. it's patchy in nature. it's hugging the coastline. a little bit in napa this morning. seeing some of it seep into bay
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area. it's not going to be as bad as the last couple of days. good news as you get out the door this morning. going to point you to the pacific satellite view. the ridge of high pressure that has been over us for the last several days beginning to weaken. you can tell here. the big arch now gone. we just have weak systems that will ride through the area. each one passing by. continuing our cooling trend. it will be a minor one. we're looking at temperatures sticking apouf the seasonal average for this time of year as we get into the final weekend of winter. 70 degrees for oakland this afternoon. 66 in san francisco. low 70s san rafael. san francisco for napa. into the east bay 75 for livermore. 72 for san jose. low 70s expected along the peninsula. if you are going to tahoe you have a gorgeous weekend in store. partly cloudy to mostly sunny skies. mid 60s today. low 60s tomorrow.
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and the cooling trend will continue for tahoe tomorrow. there is your extended forecast with your weekend always in view. over night lows on the cool side but not bad. low 70s expected for the afternoon. the cooling trend continues monday and tuesday. we have rain in the forecast for wednesday. i will show you that future cast model coming up. protecting seals at bay area beaches. we'll tell you about the new campaign. a bizarre court outburst involving a san francisco woman. a former sacramento web producer facing serious allegations. the reason he's accused of leaking personal information to a hacking group.
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a former web producer for a sacramento tv station has been indicted for allegedly working with a computer hacking group anonymous. 26-year-old matthew keys is accused of giving the pass words to the los angeles times website to that computer hacking group. keys worked for ktxl. the u.s. says an iranian fighter jet chased an american drone over the persian gulf. the incident happened tuesday. the pentagon says the iranian jet backed away when the pilot
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radioed a verbal warning. the u.s. says the drone was on a routine surveillance mission. unrelated news united nations investigation into looking into the american drone program. the pakistani government told u.n. investigators it did not consent to any drone strikes. at least 400 civilians have been killed. the u.s. says pakistan secretly consented to the strikes and that the number of civilian deaths is much lower. time now 6:15. in just about an hour from right now president obama will head to one of the nations top energy research labs. and he will release new information about his energy policy. ktvu kyla campbell is live in washington, d.c. newsroom with a sneak peek at what the president will be doing. kyla. >> reporter: dave, the president says the u.s. has made great strides in recent years to create its own energy and it relies less on oil and gas from other countries. but the president says more needs to be done and he needs help from congress. president obama wants to invest
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there are 2 billion -- wants to invest $2 billion over the next decade in renewable sources. the president is calling on congress to create a new energy security trust. that would include research funding to improve home grown bio fuels and vehicles that run on electricity. he says imports are at a 20- year low. and they are releasing a report saying america as a whole is spending less on gas. the number of hybrid vehicles doubling over the last five years and say there is are six- times as many car models that get $30 miles per gallon or more. there are more details about the president's plan how wind and solar energy will play a role and how the bay area could benefit from his plan when i see you next. live in washington, kyla campbell ktvu channel 2 news. time now 6:17. the budget battle continues in
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washington, d.c. with new optimism. republicans are telling the president he needs to tone down his political attacks and also get democrats to support controversial changes in medicare if he wants a compromise. democrats have pushed a budget that calls for roughly $1 trillion in new tax revenue over ten years. it's expected to head to the u.s. senate next week. the woman accused of kicking a toddler at a san francisco playground will return to court next week. that is after a bizarre outburst in the courthouse yesterday. >> 24-year-old sabrina bell was supposed to be arraigned on felony assault and child endangerment but as her case was called show could be heard yelling from her holding sell. think kicked a little girl at golden gate park. marin county has larged --
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has launched a new campaign to keep seals safe during pupping season. marine biologists are reminding beach goers to call the marine center if they find a sick seal. time now 6:18. let's check in with sal. what is happening on highway 24? >> it looks pretty good. 680, 24, highway 4. if you are driving in the county right now, it looks good. a little bit of slow traffic in antioch. but all and all we are off to a good start here. if you are driving to the bay bridge toll plaza the metering lights haven't switched on and the -- lights have been switched on and the road looks good. we haven't had report of flats in the last hour or so. the traffic is moving along okay in the south bay. we had an accident northbound 680 at jacqueline.
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northbound 101 a little slow approaching the the 880 interchange. a modest cool down inside your doors. we have temperaturesholding in the 40s to low 50s. a little cooler than yesterday morning. high clouds back with us again this morning. low clouds hugging the coastline and just inside the bay. and patchy fog to deal with. we will continue with the high clouds into the afternoon. and our cooling trend begins today. it will be a subtle one. some of us may not really notice so much. tracking this system well out about 1800 miles off the coastline. north of hawaii. going to bring us some rain. i'll show you when here as we pick it up this morning by this afternoon. partly cloudy skies the high clouds still overhead into saturday. we continue with partly cloudy mostly clear skies. this system here not going to bring us any rain but we will continue our cooling trend. sunday is dry. monday is dry. this system now within our view. by tuesday night it's moving into the bay area. the first day of spring is early wednesday morning.
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i think we will see spring showers. your extended forecast the cooling trend continuing although take a look at how subtle it is as we get into your weekend. the numbers will continue to fall off monday into tuesday. i will show you how much rain or talk about much rain we expect to get with this system coming up. consumer prices jumped last month and the biggest spike in three years. gas prices did surge more than 9% during february. food prices up a little bit. our time is now 6:20. it's a role that made raider fans furious for more than ten years. now we are hearing nfl owners think it's finally time for a change. new support for drakes bay. the celebrity chef now fighting to keep the oyster company open. well, well, well.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. drakes bay oyster company getting help in the battle to stay in business. yesterday chef alice waters and the farm bureau filed a federal brief. the brief opposes the national parks services ordered to shut down the oyster farm siting
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environmental reasons. shipyard worker is can'ted to plead guilty to setting fire to a nuclear power plant in maine. it cost $450 million in damage. the navy is repairing the sub but those are on hold because of budget cuts. a worker said he sit the fire because he was anxious and wanted to leave work early. he faces up to 19 years in prison. the world's biggest cruise line carnival dealing with problems with several cruise ships lately. they are bypassing scheduled spots in the caribbean. it's limping back to port. that ship is having a problem with sailing speed. another ship carnival dream reportedly has a technical problem with a generator. carnival says its flying those people from st. martin back to florida. the carnival dream was due to set sail again this weekend but that voyage has been canceled. think this morning the billionaire who owns the world
6:28 am
champion kings hockey team and the staple center city that are no longer for sale. he only planned to sale the properties if he could find the right buyer. it was expected to be a multibillion dollar deal. city leaders in sacramento face a new opponent to fight the city's pro basketball team. this time it's from two attorneys from the same city. they are calling on a public vote to use the city money to build a downtown arena. they say it would create a big economic boost for the city. in a controversial role that has haunted the oakland raiders far dozen years may finally be struck down. nfl owners are expected to end the so-called tuck rule when they meet next week. that brings back bad memories for raiders fan a snowy playoff loss to the raiders back in 2002en. it negated a sure fumble by tom
6:29 am
brashy. a quarterbacks throwing motion does not end until he tucks the ball back against his body. a lot of talk about that here. >> yeah. don't bring that up in front of a raider fan. >> right. >> good morning, everybody. the morning commute right now is doing pretty well. if you are driving as you drive on the south bay commute. northbound 280 getting up to highway 17 that looks pretty good. 101 and 80 off to a good start. southbound 680 looks good. 580 hasn't been that bad coming from the altamont pass. here is rosemary. a slight cool down in time for your weekend. we'll start with this morning. temperatures a few degrees cooler as you get out the door. patchy fog this morning. not as wide spread as we have seen. that is good news for the morning drive. we will remain above average. even with temperatures cooling off as we get into your weekend. i'm going to show you those numbers coming up. thank you rosemary. coming up at 6:30. a terrifying scene unfolded at
6:30 am
an east bay bart station. this morning the search for the gunman that killed a passenger follow -- fellow riders describe their fear. we are talk about an incident in san francisco involving a taxi cab and an officer involved shooting. we'll be live at the scene up next. and the opening bell is about to ring on wall street. and we'll tell you some big names in the banking business making news this morning.
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there is the opening bell live in new york this morning. we have kelly green on the nasdaq. visiting the nasdaq there. kelly services. and overren another new york stock exchange they are celebrating ireland day. they have a a wee bit of -- they have a wee bit of a parade
6:33 am
here as we do here in san francisco as well with st. patrick's day coming up on sunday. we'll smile and say good morning, to you. thank you for joining us here on ktvu channel 2 morning news. pam, it's friday, march 15th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. time is 6:30. we're tracking breaking news from san francisco this morning where police officers opened fire on a man who stole a cab and rammed into some patrol cars. ktvu brian flores is there at fort mason where that man was finally taken into custody just about an hour ago. brian. >> reporter: there is two active scenes here this morning. here in fort mason as well as jackson and buchanon. you are taking a look i don't know if you can see this or not. that is the stolen taxi cab that was taken earlier this morning. it's in a fenced area here in fort mason. the taxi cab driver was later taken into custody. we want to get to the new video that was into the ktvu
6:34 am
newsroom. from what we know earlier thousands morning the suspect vandalized a taxi cab in san francisco. the driver then got out, confronted the suspect. there was some type of confrontation. now sfpd was able to find a stolen taxi cab. we are hearing the suspect rammed the taxi cab into a patrol car. shortly after we are hearing shots were fired but the suspect was able to escape until he got here into the fort mason area where police were able to surround the taxi and the stolen car suspect. again, he was tarkenton custody just about an -- again he was taken into custody just about an hour ago. what i want to show you is the taxi cab. we mentioned that the taxi cab rammed into the police car and from the damage if you can see that it's in the back part of the taxi cab. it looks like the driver possibly rammed patrol car in the backside of the taxi cab. again he was taken into
6:35 am
custody. police are actively in two locations here this morning. here in fort mason as well as jackson and buchanon. we are working to get more information on the suspect what exactly happened and if there are any injuries. we're not hearing any right now. as soon as we find out, we will let you know. we're live in san francisco i'm brian flores ktvu channel 2 news. bart police are searching for the gunman who killed a passenger moments after he got off the train in richmond. it happened right in the middle of the evening commute just after 6:00 p.m. last night at the 19th and mcdonald avenue exit of the station. the victim was at the top of the stairs walking out when he was shot. it happened right in front of frightened riders. glen ran toward the back of the bart station downstairs and people were scared. we didn't know what was going on. >> bart police are in charge of the investigation. they are checking to see if the gunman began following the
6:36 am
victim while he was on the train. >> time now 6:33. happening right now hundreds of alameda county garbage workers, sanitation workers are on strike. they walked out just hours ago. lorraine blanco is at a waste management facility in oakland right now. the workers are saying labor laws have been violated. >> reporter: dave, that is right. you can see out here they have quite a turnout at the 98th avenue location in oakland. they literally woke up in the middle of the night to picket at 3:00 a.m. this morning. hundreds of union workers from the international long shore say they want better wages and safer work conditions. waste management tells us they have been a the bargaining table for months and they did not expect this protest. >> it was a surprise to us. we have been at the negotiating table with them for the past few months. so you know, we are now just assessing who is showing up for work and who is not and developing our protocol plans.
6:37 am
>> workers have given up a days pay to make an important point this company is not above the law and the illegal behavior that has been taking place here. the threats, the intimidation. >> reporter: waste management employees are protesting at three locations today. this is a look at the san leandro facility on davis street. union workers are also protesting at the altamont landfill east of livermore. waste management tells us they do expect delays but they also expect they will be operating later today. reporting live in oakland lorraine blanco. time now 6:34. officials at san francisco city college are prepared to meet today's accreditation deadline that will material if california's biggest public school will stay in business. now students and faculty members are demanding more input in the process. yesterday hundreds of them staged a march to city hall.
6:38 am
demanding support to avoid even more spending cuts. they also want a parcel tax passed by voters to be used toward restoring classes and student services. >> they end up cutting all noncredit programs. especially the ones that disabled students can depend upon. >> administrators will outline how they are dealing with all 14 accreditation deficiencies. not all of them have been fixed yet but they are hoping their report will persuade the commission it's enough to upgrade their probation status and allow them to continue to get state funding. president obama appeared on israeli television to denounce iran's nuclear threat. >> we think that it would take over a year or so for iran to actually develop a nuclear weapon. but obviously we don't want to cut it too close. >> next week president obama will visit israel for the first
6:39 am
time as president. analysts say he's had a strained relationship with israeli prime minister ben manent yeah hue. while president obama wants more time for sanctions against iran israel worries it could be too late. when the president or vice president is out of the country the other person traditionally stays in the u.s. for security purposes but both men may be overseas next week. president obama leaves tuesday night for his middle east trip and vice president biden is at the vatican on tuesday to attend the installation of pope francis. it's unclear if the vice president can rush back before the president departs. time now 6:36. new this morning pope francis keeping a very busy schedule since being elected pope. >> give the church the courage to persevere and to find new means to evangelize to take the
6:40 am
gospel to the furthest ends of the earth. >> just a short time ago the pope wrapped up an audience with the cardinals who elected him pope. he urges them to remain faithful to the gospel. pope francis is expected to meet with reporters and journalists tomorrow and then he will bless the followers at st. peters square on sunday. san francisco holding its huge st. patty's day party tomorrow. 100,000 people are expected at the 166 -- 162nd annual parade and festival. the parade will begin tomorrow at 11:30 at second and market streets. it's going to run down market. that is where a festival of irish music and food will take place from 11:00 until 5:00. big traffic changes in hayward are coming tonight. starting at 8:00 a one-way loop into downtown will be put into
6:41 am
place. foothill boulevard will become a one-way street starting at jackson street and mission boulevard. from foothill the loop will turn left on a-street and turn left on mission back toward jackson. the loop is part of the $100 million route 238 corridor improvement project. final paving and striping is set for may. time now 6:38. sal, it's a friday morning. what is with all the traffic at the toll plaza? >> i know. usually we have light traffic. we had a little pit of traffic. i will show you. if we go to the live picture it's not that bad. usually at this time we have more traffic. it's backed up to the end of the parking lot and not all the lanes are filled in. there is hope to the friday light yet. at least it's better than it normally is. san francisco itself northbound 101 we have busy traffic. it looks good approaching the 80 split. and we're just less than a month away from seeing traffic. we'll have to start telling you about at & t park updates. northbound 101 san jose that
6:42 am
traffic looks pretty good as we approach the 80 split. there is not a lot going on in san jose. if you are drive from hayward to fremont the traffic is 15 minutes from 238 to mowry. let's go to rosemary. 20 minutes or so from the break of dawn. you can see over the doors still quite dark. the official sunrise right about 7:20. we're joined by a mix low clouds and high clouds this morning. and patchy fog too but not as bad as we have seen in recent days. the clouds actually cleared out in the overnight hours and we begin to cool off in some spots but you can see they are back and that is to offset the cooling. when we typically see our chillyist temperature -- chilliest temperatures. systems will continue to ride over the ridge that will dominate our weather pattern. but it's very flat at this point. it's hard to detect right here
6:43 am
on the satellite view. and it's a very strong ridge. it's easy to see. we get this nice big arch over california. here again i'm seeing a little bit of fog along the coastline but visibility not too bad. it's seeping into the bay area. and most of us dealing with overcast skies or at least partly cloudy skies. by 8:00 or so into the afternoon we are clearing out and just that filtered sunshine expected today. got to point out napa 44 degrees right now. a little bit earlier 40. so again the clouds helping us out just a bit. wide spread mid 40s to 50s. into our inland east bay 47 for lafayette. 59 mt. diablo. 53 in brentwood. up above we are still warmer than we are here with that warmer air aloft. 70s in the forecast for our inland areas. 60s to low 70s around the bay. low 60s for pacifica for today. minor cooling trend d continuin through your weekend. we will remain dry. monday and tuesday the numbers
6:44 am
continue the downward trend. i have rain in the forecast. i'm thinking after inch to an inch of rain coming by wednesday. well a long delayed program could be up and running just in time for summer. the reason you may not have to bring your own bike to the city anymore. we're live in scotts valley where search and rescue crews will be out this morning looking for a missing man. we'll tell you about the accident that makes him so vulnerable and has authorities concerned. good morning. westbound toll plaza bay bridge not all that bad but there is a delay.
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welcome back on this friday morning. dry, mild weather will take us into the weekend. the fog patchy this morning. not as wide spread. morning temperatures a few degrees below yesterday. welcome back. good morning, to you. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we're follows for you right now at 6:44. a man is in custody after an early morning police shooting in san francisco tied to a stolen taxi cab. police say the man stole the cab at jackson and buchanon and rammed a police car. that is where police officers opened fire on that suspect. he drove off. he made it to fort mason before being taken into custody.
6:48 am
bart police are investigating a deadly shooting last night at the exit of the richmond bart station. the victim was gunned down last night at the top steps. moments after getting off a bart train. the witnesses there say two funmen fired four shots. right now sanitation workers around alameda county are on strike. union leader says they are protesting violations by the company for federal labor laws. formal charges have already been filed against waste management. in about an hour the search for a missing scotts valley man will continue. ktvu channel 2 reporter janine de la vega is live with more on why police are so concerned and what the man left behind at his house. janine. >> reporter: 20-year-old matt abraham left behind his bike and car and his family is so concerned because he suffered a concussion last week. santa cruz county sheriffs deputies will be coming out this morning. their search and rescue team they were out until midnight last night.
6:49 am
they will start again in the next hour and 20 minutes. now this is youtube video of matt abraham that he posted of himself on tuesday. abraham fell 50-60 feet off a train trestle while he was biking about a week ago. he fell in the sand and suffered head and brain injuries. abraham left the hospital and monday and came home. his family said he disappeared thursday morning. they think he may have walked off and maybe disoriented. in the youtube video he describes how he was feeling. >> i'm having a lot of trouble with simple tasks but supposedly it will get easier and easier by the time i'm fully recovered. but at the moment it feels like someone has dug plyers into my skull and trying to tear it open. >> reporter: santa cruz county sheriffs department is concerned that abraham went
6:50 am
back to the area where he was injured to figure out how he got in his accident. he was fixuate on finding a backpack he may have left behind. rescue crews focused on the park and area near his home. back out here live we are here they will be told at 8:00 a.m. meeting at the scotts valley fire department. coming up on mornings on 2 you'll hear more from the youtube message that he posted. leaves a touching message of thanks and the hopes that he had for recovering and of course we'll monitor and let you know what is going on with the search. reporting live from scotts valley janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. tomorrow marks one year since the disappearance of morgan hill teenager sierra lamar. she was kidnapped on her way to school. 21-year-old antolin garcia torres has been charged with abducting and kidnapping lamar even though her body has not been found. time is 6:48.
6:51 am
happening right now convention in the washington d.c. area featuring top republican party leaders including congressman paul ryan. right here. this is the conservative political action conference known as c-pac. and congressman ryan is one of the top leaders within the republican party right now. the former candidate for vice president as you know. earlier the speakers including donald trump. later on today the speakers will include former presidential candidate mitt romney and a lot of analysts who watch pal ticks say this particular event not only takes the pulse of the political right but also sees who is leading the way for the republican party in the future. so we'll keep checking back into this conservative conference in maryland throughout the morning. time is 6:49. following a ktvu investigation new legislation is being proposed today aimed at child care centers. the parents of a four-year-old boy are still in a legal fight
6:52 am
with california family fitness. after their son was injured at the gym's child care center two years ago. now our investigation found that the gym child care centers don't have to be licensed. today senator leeland yee will enforce stricter guidelines and safety rules. they will apply to any business with a child care center. san francisco is expected to have a bike sharing plan by august. the network will have 700 bikes that can be picked up and dropped off at 70 different locations in the city and along the peninsula. the bay area air quality management district says it has reached an agreement with a private company to oversea the project. when more money is available they will add 300 more bikes. time now 6:50. time to go back to sal to check your commute. sal, how are we looking? >> we're looking okay. we had a rough start and we calmed down. we have a couple things to talk about. we're looking a the the santa
6:53 am
clara valley. we're get into more cars on this commute here. traffic continues to move along relatively well. 101 nearby will be a little bit slow as you approach the 880 interchange. i want to talk about marin county. southbound 101 at lucky drive a big rig ran into a box truck. and they are now blocking the right lane. watch for fire crews and the police to be on the scene or the chp to be on the scene and slow traffic coming out of san rafael. bay bridge toll plaza hasn't been that bad. it's improved. it was backed up for a five to seven minute delay. now we have seen a lot of improvement. very minimal delay. let's go to rosemary. we have an enjoyable forecast for you. giving you a look there. isn't that a gorgeous shot from san francisco looking toward the east and southeast. here comes the sun. the break of dawn right about 7:00 this morning. the official sunrise right about 7:20. storm tracker two shows you a
6:54 am
mix of clouds out there. high clouds moved out of the area last night but they are already back. a mix of high clouds, low clouds a little bit of patchy fog out there. seeping into the bay area. hugging the coastline. it's not as wide spread. we ha no advisories to worry about. i think along the morning drive it should be better for you today if you did see it yesterday. taking you way out. i'm taking you 1800 miles out. north of hawaii. we have a storm out in the pacific and it has its eye on the bay area. take a look at what happens here as we get into friday we are dealing with just the high clouds. saturday nice. we have systems riding to the north of us. that will continue our cooling trend for the weekend. but it's not going to bring us any rain. now we are into sunday we are dry. monday partly cloudy dry. here it is tuesday night. do you see the time stamp? it rolls in. brings us spring showers. time stamp says thursday morning and drying out. anywhere from half inch to an inch of rain expected with this storm. we'll be tracking it for you between now and then.
6:55 am
for today an afternoon breeze a possibility. a temperatures slightly cooler and the cooling trend into your weekend and beyond monday into tuesday with the coolest day and increasing clouds on tuesday. back to the desk. boeing executives say they have finished one-third of the latest safety tests on the lil yum ion batteries. the dream liner should be carrying passengers in a matter of weeks. boeing says it does not know exactly what caused the problems but the redesign will keep the aircraft safe even if the batteries malfunction again. just in time for st. patricks day the distilled spirits council of the u.s. life-supports irish whisky sail sales are booming. they are up 400% in the last ten years. irish whisky is growing in popularity as a stand alone drink. the social media war heating up. the popular twitter feature that facebook may soon be adopting. a bible study group was
6:56 am
interrupted by an out of control car. the damage caused by the crash into a bay area church.
6:57 am
6:58 am
welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. dow jones down 43 points after a very big run for the past eight days in a row. jp morgan chase in the news. the senate report says it
6:59 am
ignored risks, misled investors, fought with regulators. that stock down 3%. time now 6:56. a church in marin needs repairs. look a car crashed into the church and almost hit a bible study group. you can see the damage here at sleepy hollow church. the car knocked down a support beam from an overhang. it happened about 6:15 last night. luckily no one was hurt. the chp is investigating possibly the driver stepped on the gas instead of the brake. ktvu has learned the former san francisco lab technician will plead guilty to a drug charge this morning. the lawyer for debra madden tells us a plea deal has been reached. madden will plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge of simple possession. the plea deal follows two mistrials and hung juries. she was accused of stealing cocaine from the police lab and as a result hundreds of drug cases had to be thrown out. competition between facebook and twitter is heating


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